About Me

Shaina Merrick

Writer. Book lover. The Slow Life.


Shaina is currently working on a novel (or 3) in between her day job as an Elementary Teacher and spending time with friends and family. Over the years she is slowly learning what it is to live fully in the moment. Taking each day as it comes and finding the joy in the small things and in the routine of living.

She has written a book review column for a newsletter and hosted her blog for many years. Writing is her life long love affair, and she is passionate about creating stories that show beauty and give hope to the people reading.

She resides in Western Colorado with her husband. She also loves music, puzzles, and hiking.


To Close the Distance-A serial story on Wattpad.

A Love Letter to my Hometown-An urban fantasy set in Western CO.


Shaina is always available for a chat about writing, books, or the art of enjoying life to the fullest. If you want to talk about those things, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.