March Recap

Hello everyone! Welcome to a freakishly cold March! Where winter still holds on with a vice grip and we bundle up in our heaviest jackets. Apparently Colorado did not get the memo that spring has arrived. A week ago.

The Reading Life

I read a whopping 11 books this month! As the month is not over yet, it may jump up to 12, but we shall see. 2 nonfiction, a whole mystery series, and sundry other fiction books.

My favorite book this month was ‘The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry.’ Written by a pastor in Portland, it chronicles his journey to slower, simpler lifestyle after the rush of his life led to burnout and rocky relationships. He also gave lots of humorous and thoughtful tips on how to slow down our own lives and become more intentional and meaningful with the time we have been given.

My least favorite book was ‘Villette’ by Charlotte Bronte. Recently I decided to read all the books by the Bronte sisters. I have loved or enjoyed all of them until this one. Mostly because I could not connect with the main character at all. She seemed so stiff, unloving, and moralistic to the point that most of her conversations with people was preaching at them. I also felt as though the main character was very passive. Other than one big decision towards the beginning of the book, she did not make decisions, or even do things, for herself. She seemed content to drift along through life only going where other people led her.

The Writing Life

Took a writing class, realize I have so much more to learn. Have been doing homework from said writing class and agonizing over word choices.

Also, I made decent progress on my novel. Hooray! Though my writing goal for the month is always too ambitious I feel. Or maybe I should spend more time writing? Anyway, though I didn’t get to the spot I thought I would be at, I am pretty close, and no deadlines means I can take as long as I need!

I picked up a novella I started a while back and have been working on it. It is a slightly scarier feel than I usually do, and I think I am creeping myself out a little bit. (I am such a whimp)

The Research Life

How to make pickles. They were made! They are yummy! The last ones I made were much too garlicky, (quick note, neither I nor my loved ones are vampires, we all ate the garlic pickles with no adverse reactions. Other than a hasty drink of water after.) but these ones have turned out great!

Gardening. I decided to start a small garden this year. So far I have chosen a plot, hauled in fertilizer, and planted some indoor seeds, though I think they are dead… The weather does not agree with my plan, but I am making progress even so!

How to get a puppy to sleep through the night. We are having problems… Someone decided waking up every hour would be a laugh. Someone else thinks the opposite. Hopefully full nights sleep are coming soon!

The Movie Life

Some movie about the Bronte sisters, and their brother, that I don’t remember the name of… Anyway, it was really good, I enjoyed learning more about them! Definitely inspired me to go dig up some of Emily Bronte’s poetry.

I watched an entire season of No Demo Reno over the weekend. I know, crazy stuff! They were a fun break from more serious reads and movies I have been filling myself with recently.

Something I Learned

If you are a quiet little bookworm in the library book sale, the sale ladies forget you exist and gossip most wonderfully behind you.

Look at the pictures of the coffee table book before you buy coffee table book. Lest you bring it home and realize you hate said pictures. Also, take into account whether you have a coffee table before you bring the book home. If you don’t have one, realize the book will never have a permanent home. Coffee table books are something I aspire to own, but have neither a coffee table or room for one.

How was your month?

Shaina Merrick