February Recap

It is finally the end of February! For being such a short month, it dragged its feet from beginning to end. I am ready for spring guys. Like. Really ready for spring. If I could cut off my hair and bargain for warm weather with the powers that be, I would.

The Reading Life

I read seven books this month. Two fantasy, one middle grade, and the rest realistic fiction. My favorite book was ‘A Man Called Ove’. Lovely book about a curmudgeon who learns to love life again. I really enjoyed the quirky cast and how Ove helps all the people in his life. Almost without meaning too, and with a fair amount of grumbling.

My least favorite was ‘Stories from the Blue Moon Cafe’. The book was a compilation of short stories, all by southern authors, about the South. They were, except for a couple of exceptions, melancholy stories. Sometimes it wasn’t just the story was sad, it was the whole mood of the story was nostalgic or melancholy. Also, most of them were either about death, affairs, or both. Not my favorite subjects.

The Writing Life

I decided to stop Wattpad. I decided blogging more often was giving me nothing but a headache. I decided to get back into instagraming. Excuse me while I go recover from all this decision making…

Also, I made progress on my novel! I think I am building up my writing muscle. I can write for longer periods of time than I used to. It is amazing how quickly the words add up when I am writing regularly! Even a few words every day is significant when I get to the end of the week. Hooray! (I realize I have not discussed this novel here. I might. Soonish.)

The Research Life

What to do with leftover cabbage. (fried cabbage is yum)

How to make baked oatmeal. (I am in love)

How to make your own sourdough starter. (I did it! There is a live starter in my kitchen! Now to not kill it like all the plants I killed…)

How to make sourdough. (fail. My first starter was a flop, so this bread ended up very dense)

Yep. Allll the recipes this month. I am trying to learn to make cool things, like sourdough, so my entire diet does not consist of rice and tomato’s…

The Movie Life

I went to see a movie in theaters! It has been a very long time since I did so. Since before marriage I think? I saw ‘Antman and Wasp: Quantummania’. I enjoyed the world they ended up in and the idea was interesting. More thoughts about it, and Marvel in general, in an upcoming post.

Other than that… Do documentary’s count? I watched a few on being a homemaker this last month. Yes, documentary’s actually exist on the subject. And yes, they were well done and I enjoyed them. (I am well aware that makes me sound odd, but come on, no worse than a nerd, right?) Courtesy of Canon+.

Something I Learned

Ummmm… Other than how to make a sourdough starter? Which I am sure is just a magic potion. I put flour and water in a jar and voila! I have a sourdough starter! I’m telling you, magic.

Oh! I picked up knitting again. I knitted a wonky scarf in highschool and that ended my career. But I thought it would be fun to try it again. I made some slightly wonky rags for my husbands shed, and I am hoping to try my hand at hats sometime soon.

How was your month?

Shaina Merrick