February Weather

I don’t trust February. It makes promises it doesn’t keep.

You may or may not have it where you live, but here in Western CO February routinely taunts us with a false spring. Sunshine warming your skin, no clouds to be seen, and a temperature just high enough to make you think about getting the short sleeves out.

This year, though I knew better, I was a little hopeful spring would come early. We had half a week of beautiful days and warm sunshine. After a gloomy winter, it was a relief to see the sunshine again.

Think about switching your wardrobe all you want, but don’t give in. Hold onto those sweaters, because winter will come back with a vengeance.

Like today. After those beautiful days, the temperatures dropped like a stone. The clouds rolled in, covering the valley in a thick, woolley blanket. The clouds spent a few days hemming and hawing over whether to storm or leave us alone. They have made a decision, today we are in the midst of a blizzard.

The clouds hang so low I can’t see the mountains, just an arch of white overhead, tucking us into our little valley. The snow falls almost sideways, the wind driving it into the ground, tree trunks, and road signs. When I leave the house this afternoon, I expect to see the stop signs covered in snow.

The wind blows steadily, a constant noise in the background of my day. At least it isn’t gusting around the house, threatening to pick me up and send me down to the river.

Every time the puppy goes outside, he comes back in decorated with snow that will drip all over my floors. Well, at least I cleaned them yesterday I guess.

Today, winter has tucked me into my house, I sit under blankets and with hot tea. But soon, spring will coax us outside and into the sun, ready to plant growing things and take long walks. Warm weather is on the horizon, we just have to get past February first.

Shaina Merrick