January Recap

I used to do these recap things, and I enjoyed them. So I am going to try it again and perhaps stick to it this time. (I swear, January makes me want to accomplish all the things and make all the habits. Something about the weather?)

Anyway. Here is a little recap of what I read, watched, and learned this month.

The Reading Life

I read 8 books this month. Mostly short books on how to organize your life (eheh), and a few novels.

My favorite one was ‘The Girl who Drank the Moon’. Middle Grade novel, some adult characters who were frankly amazing, secrets, memories, and the power of hope.

My least favorite was the Bullet Journal Method. It wasn’t terrible, but the author repeated himself over and over and over, and I felt like the book should have been half as long as it was. Much like that sentence.

The Writing Life

Ummmm… Slower than expected? I started writing every week day in my novel. After not writing for a long time, my writing muscle is weak. I also get frustrated easily with my writing. So, I count it a success if I wrote a few words in my novel every week day, and I try not to worry about how slow I am going. (but really, I am worried.)

I also made a big deal out of blogging more often, and that isn’t going well either. Mostly because I run out of ideas and then stare a blank screen wondering what is worth telling other people. Oh well, it is a new week, and soon it will be a new month to do all the things in!

The Research Life

I did a dive into intermittent fasting this month. I learned that digesting takes up more of our bodies focus than I thought, snacking all the time can create gut issues, and really, it just means no snacking after dinner. Which makes me feel gross anyway.

I am in the midst of deciding what vacation we should go on and figuring out the logistics (and budget) of going somewhere this year. Preferably close to home, because plane tickets are not fun on the bank account. Somehow, this non numbers person found herself in charge of budgeting a possible vacation, and I am not sure that was the best idea in the history of ever. But here we are, making the best of it.

The Movie Life

This is where I come on the scene and telling you the shocking amount of movies we watched this month.

Two. Total. There aren’t even any tv shows thrown in there to spice things up. I am actually surprised by this, though I feel like I shouldn’t be, because neither of us are movie fanatics, nor do we own a tv. So there you go.

We have been working our way through the Studio Ghibli collection, and so this month we watched ‘Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind’, and ‘Spirited Away’.

Something I Learned

While you are potty training a puppy, take a nap at your own risk. It doesn’t always work out well…

Have a great day everyone!

Shaina Merrick