It is probably just me, but it feels like November has been dragging on and on and on. This hasn’t been one month, it is two masquerading as one. We are finally close to December and I would like to know what is taking it so long to come.

It snowed last night. I woke up to a world of white wonder. The best part is I get to stay home all day curled up under a blanket and reading my books. Snow wraps you up and keeps you home, an introverts wonderland and an extroverts day of rest.

Snow is what makes winter bearable. If it wasn’t for snow, I would have left for warmer climes long ago. I love the beauty of a snow fall, how the flakes wend their way to earth. Not in a hurry to be anywhere, enjoying the trip from sky to land. I love how snow evens out the kinks and bare patches in the ground. Hiding all the unsightly things under a cover of purest white. Snow transforms the dull browns and greys of winter into beauty. It tucks everything under its blanket, tucking in the plants and houses for a long winters nap.

Winter is a time for the world to rest from its growing and becoming, and snow is the blanket it slumbers under.

Shaina Merrick

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