How to Write a Blog Post

What it’s like to write a blog post.

I sit down in a comfortable spot with my computer. (the more comfortable it is, the better, we may be here a while…)

I catch up on all the other blogs I am following. Kuddo’s to the people who write consistently, you help me to procrastinate. And you give me ideas for my own blog, but mostly it’s help with procrastinating…

I open up my blog. Do I have any notifications? How did my last post do? Did anyone like it? I hope they did, but the internet is a fickle thing, so who knows!

After dinking around my blog settings, trying to decide if I should update them or not, (I really should, maybe I will this week?) I open up a new post.

I stare at the blank page. Willing it to give me inspiration. No inspiration yet.

I ask myself a series of questions to hopefully give ideas.

  • Have I been reading anything interesting recently?
  • What have I been thinking about?
  • Have I learned any pertinent lessons recently?
  • Am I irritated by anything today? (don’t laugh, some of my best ideas come from this question)

Well great, none of my questions turned up anything new. As a last resort, I start typing ‘I don’t know what to write about. I am stuck, I don’t have any ideas…’ and on and on it goes.

After all that, if I still don’t have any ideas, I either do something short and silly like this, or I turn everything off and wait for next week.

Maybe someday I will actually discuss how to write a good blog post. Maybe. Until that day, enjoy the post!

Shaina Merrick