New Clothes

Yesterday I brought out my winter clothes. Since that time is upon us where the weather turns cold and summer dresses bring frozen legs. I opened the drawer they had been hiding in for the last six months. It smelled like stored clothes and forgotten memories as I pulled out my new clothes piece by piece. It has been a long summer, and I had almost forgotten the woman I was when I last wore those clothes.

For me, switching out clothes is like opening and refilling a time capsule. The person I was six months ago hidden among the folds, ready to spring nostalgia on me as soon as I shake them out.

This time, I am reminded of my wardrobe capsule phase. (A short lived one, my minimalist urge has not caught up to me closet yet.) There really aren’t that many clothes to bring out. Which is unfortunate because I have to spend money, and fortunate because I can go clothes shopping. Heh. As I touch the fabrics, I remember how cozy I like to be in the winter. Coziness used to by my top priority. I also had such a limited selection of clothes last year, since where I worked I had to wear t-shirts every day. I hate t-shirts, so what I chose was cozy and made me happy. Now, I mostly have professional clothing that reflects my new job. Though lets be honest, I still had a bunch of cozy things. 🙂

Last spring, when I opened my last summer wardrobe, I saw the woman who wasn’t sure how to dress. Instead of a new wardrobe of fresh new things, I saw faded things that didn’t fit well. The summer before, I wasn’t sure how to dress, or even who I wanted to be exactly.

What will I see when I switch clothes next year? Will I build off of the wardrobe I have begun to create? Or will I scrap it all again to find a new style? Really, the question is, who will I be next season?

Shaina Merrick