Mini Book Reviews

At last, it is that time again. Where I bring out my snarky self, all the books I have been currently reading, and hope really hard no one throws stones at me for my opinions. (but have I let that stop me before? Never!)

Liesl and Po

This book was like having a little bowl of ice cream. Short, sweet, and leaves you with a smile. Basically, it is about a sassy ghost (and his hilarious pet), a failed alchemist’s apprentice, and a girl on a mission. I loved all the quiet sass the ghost, Po, gave to everyone. He doesn’t really like anything about the living world except for Liesl, but gets tangled up in it anyway and thoroughly dislikes the whole affair. Really, just read it for the sassy ghost. Oh, and the guard who just wants to give the poor alchemists apprentice a hat, and it doesn’t matter what he goes through or how long it takes, he is going to give that boy a hat!

44 Scotland Street

This book was hilarious, only because the people in it are so hilariously odd. But weirdly normal, all at the same time. After all, who hasn’t met someone who thinks they are perfect, someone who believes they are a failure, or a mom who believes her son is a genius? I loved the characters because while they were odd, they were so true to life I was both laughing and wincing at the descriptions. I am not to blame for any of your emotions throughout the book if you choose to read this, including indignant anger and helpless laughter. And really, read it for the art gallery owner who doesn’t know the first thing about running a business, he is so sweet and funny.

The Problem of Pain

And now we get to philosophy! The title misleads you, it isn’t actually that depressing of a read. C.S. Lewis takes a deep look at the question, ‘If God is good, why is there pain in the world?’ Which I absolutely appreciated he took on. Mostly, I think I read his books for the path of his logic. Everything is laid out perfectly, building on itself from the first chapter to the last chapter. Nothing is forgotten as he explains and argues for his point, including his honesty about what he doesn’t know and can’t explain.

*SPOILER* In case you are curious, the bottom line of his argument is that since God made us with free will, the ability to choose Him or our sin, and pain is a part of that choice. Yes, we could all choose to be kind, but the fact is we don’t always choose kindness towards others, and that is why there is so much pain. If every time someone chose to be cruel God changed their actions, it would not be free will, it would be a programmed robot that could be altered. God did not create robots, God created beings with free will who could choose great kindness or great cruelty. *SPOILER END*

Food over Medicine

I have been dealing with some health issues recently, and this book part of the research I have been doing because of it. What I really appreciated about this book is the blunt kindness. They were blunt about what needs to change in our American diet and what we should be eating instead. There were no pulled punches, which I appreciate because I dislike it when people beat around the bush. However, they also realize that people are people, and are kind in how they explain how to eat right and how to get to the health you want. Overall, a very interesting read.

Where the Crawdads Sing

What I liked about this book; the main character, the descriptions of the marsh, and the trial. What I didn’t like about this book; the kissing scenes (why do adult books have to be so, so, explicit?), and the ending. After all those pages learning about the characters and rooting for a happy ending, I though the ending feel rather flat. Almost as if the author had run out of steam. The lush descriptions and slow, thoughtful scenes ended in a rushed description of what happened after the trial. And I was not a fan.

There ya go, a quick description of what has been filling my thoughts recently. See any books you would enjoy?

Shaina Merrick