Ta Da!!

Voila, it is done! Finally.

If you don’t notice the changes wrought on the blog I will be offended. This took much time and effort and making faces at the screen! So please, click around, ooh and ah a bit. Or tell me if I misspelled something. Because I really do need to know, and most of this was done ridiculously late at night.

Yes, there will be a few changes to the content around here, no, I will not be introducing anything out of the ordinary like puppy pictures or workout videos. Mostly, I will be posting about the things I usually post about. Writing. Books. Life. With an emphasis more on writing tips (aka what bugs me about books), book reviews (what I love about books), and what I am learning about life. Namely when to say no and the subtle art of drinking tea in the wind. Yes, I got dirt in my eyes. It was still glorious.

Speaking of, is there anything you would like me to post about here? Or rant about, or just generally give my two cents about? Let me know in the comments! I am up for almost any suggestion because it means I don’t have to come up with a post on my own.

Since the blog is up and looking pretty you can prepare to get back into a normal posting schedule. Well, normalish. The hope is that I will be posting more frequently, but life has a way of laughing in the face of all of my plans, so we shall see!

Till next time,

Shaina Merrick