A Light for the Dark

This is a poem I wrote a while back. I wrote it with the light of Christ in mind. It shows how deep I can get in my own despair and self pity. Despair that can take on a life of its own. But even at my darkest, Christ is still there. He shines His light through the deepest pain. I may think that He has left me to my fate, but His love is far greater than that. He promises to never leave me. And He never breaks His promises.

Darkness covers

me, its cloak

smothers all words,

all thoughts. Where

am I and where

did light go?

The darkness claws

into my

throat I can’t breath.

It fills my

eyes and ears I

scream but no

one can hear me.

I am here

in the darkness.

The dark is

lonely. Only

these tears keep

me company.

A whisper

stirs the darkness.

A whisper

so still it can

only be

heard in the dark.

A voice breathes

something long forgot

into me.

This dark is not

complete once

a light shone. It

left me here.

Or did I leave

it behind?

Now I want it.

I long for

a light that can’t

be snuffed out.

The voice I love

speaks and I

bow my head in

the darkness.

“I’m sorry,” I

try to say.

But the dark steals

it away.

I should not have

left my light.

But at the word

of the voice

I lift my head.

Perhaps it

is not as lost

as I thought.

I lift my arm

reach my hand

through the darkness.

Please be there.

Don’t abandon

me to this.

My searching hand,

finds a light.

A light for me.

This tiny flame,


the darkness.

I am alone

no longer.

My light pushes

back the dark.

It cannot touch

my light.

Shaina Merrick