Interruptions and Blurbs

Interrupting your regularly scheduled Saturday to bring you an important announcement. The Fantastic and the Wondrous is coming out in five days! Five days people! That is less than a week. I guess I don’t have time to hide underneath my bed anymore…..

Anyway! If you couldn’t guess. I am super excited! And super nervous! This is the first time that I will be letting people read my stories en masse. Sooooo. Yeah. The nerves may be a little high around here.

However, in honor that it is in five days, ya’ll get the blurb! You read it here first!

What if time travelers showed up at every major event?

What really happened between Winter and Summer?

What would happen if you knew the day you were going to die?

These are the questions, among many others, that are answered in The Fantastic and the Wondrous. The collection brings in stories from the genres of fantasy and science fiction. Veering between the dangerously dark and the laugh out loud funny, each story is unique. Some telling of star crossed lovers desperate to find each other, while others tell a tale full of danger and suspense. Each of the stories are linked by the fantastical. None of them could ever happen in our world.

Or so we think.

Does that look like something you would even be vaguely interested in reading? Or something that you just have to have? (here’s to hoping anyway.) It is something that I would be interested in reading! If it wasn’t written by me anyway.

Something they don’t tell you when you start writing is that if you stick with a project for a long time, you get bored. Or maybe that’s just me?

Basically, my stories should be grateful that they are given the chance to be read instead of being tossed. They really should.

And I will stop interrupting your Saturday. May the rest of it be blissful!

Shaina Merrick