The 20 Questions Book Tag

Sarah over at (go look at her blog, it’s so much fun!) was kind enough to create an open ended tag. As in anyone could hop on the band wagon. And since it is all about books I thought, why not?

So here we go for a mini roller coaster ride of all things books!

How many books do you think are too many books in a book series?

Weeeell, it depends on the series. Generally I want to tell all authors to stick with three to five. Then we don’t have to worry about them never finishing the series. Also, if there are too many (and this can happen in trilogies too), there tend to be a few books that just feel like nothing of any importance is happening. I do know a few series that are huge and amazing (Wheel of Time for instance). But in general I would say that more than five is a little much.

How do you feel about cliffhangers?

You mean those soul sucking things that tear your heart apart? The cliffs that leave you stranded for ages while you are waiting for the next book to arrive?

Not a fan.

Hardback or paperback?

Hardbacks don’t die as quickly as paperbacks do when you read them outside. Nor do they fall apart after you and your siblings have all read it, multiple times. Definitely go for the hardbacks.

Favorite book?

I just did a whole post on this. And since I don’t particularly like repeating myself, here’s the link.

Least favorite book?

Sword at Sunset.


The List.

Fairest Son.

The Reluctant Godfather.

Would you like me to go on?

Love-triangles, yes or no?

Absolutely not.

Not under any circumstances.

The most recent book you just couldn’t finish?

Bridge of Clay by Markus Zusak.

It was beautifully written. But the language…. I’m pretty sure that not every person in the world uses that many bad words.

A book you’re currently reading?

Fires From Heaven: Wheel of Time #5 by Robert Jordan.

My reaction to all of those books is. “You can do it Rand!”

Along with, “Shut up Moraine! You too Egwene!”

Last book you recommended to someone?

I think I basically commanded my sister to go read The Scorpio Races. So does that count?

Other than that, you all can consider yourself strongly recommended to go read The Scorpio Races. And All the Crooked Saints.

Oldest book you’ve read?

The Bible.

Next up would be Marco Polos book about his travels. Yup, I’m that history geek.

Newest book you’ve read?

Shadows of the Hersweald by Hope Ann Schmidt.

That was put out last year I think?

I don’t read a ton of new stuff. Most of the books I enjoy were published a while ago. Like a hundred years a while ago.

Favorite Author?

Magge Steifvater.

Patricia MacLaughlan.

Rosemary Sutcliff.

N. D. Wilson.

Just to name a few….

Buying books or borrowing books?

Borrowing books please and thank you!

One: I’m broke.

Two: That way if I don’t like it I can return it and have only wasted my time. Not my money and/or shelf space.

Three: I have no shelf space.

A book you dislike that everyone else seems to love?

Should I list them all? Or just assure you that they do exist, and that there are many of them?

I think I’ll just leave it there.

Bookmarks or dog-ears?

Do I have a book mark on hand? (a.k.a. a slip of paper, another book, money, a piece of string, my phone, a pen, etc.)

No? Then I’ll just flip it upside down. That works just as well.

A book you can always re-read?

Sorry, please don’t kill me, but I am not the hugest re-reader ever. It has to be absolutely amazing for me to read it more than once.

That being said, I do read Little Women every year or so. (and when I have the time *looks pointedly at schedule*)

Can you read while hearing music?

Nope! I have the honor of having a one track mind. I can either listen to the music or be reading my book.

Though having noise of some kind while I am reading is rather comforting. Don’t ask me why.

One POV or multiple POVs?

Multiple! Gimme all the characters!

Unless I only like one or two of them. Then please stay far away from the others and keep it to the ones I like. Kapeesh?

Do you read a book in one sitting or over multiple days?

“All in one sitting!” Says I without looking at the books that have been sitting with bookmarks in them for the last few weeks.

If you enjoyed the tag, feel free to go ahead and go it! It is so much fun! As for tagging specific people I’ll go ahead and tag Sabrina at She writes fanfiction, so if you are into that you should go take a look!

Did you agree with any of my answers? Disagree? What book do you despise even though everyone seems to like it? Let me know in the comments!

Shaina Merrick