I Made It!

It’s here!!!

The Fantastic and the Wondrous is now live! You can buy it on Amazon at the very low price of $0.99 dollars! (sorry guys, I couldn’t make it lower)

If my endless babbling has at all piqued your interest in this book, you can find it with this link.


So go, check it out, read the blurb, buy it please and thank you.

Hey, I’m allowed to bug you about this, this particular book represents a years hard work!

Enjoy the read!

Shaina Merrick

P.S. If you were wondering why this is a day late, ask Amazon. The whole process is not as quick as they made it out to be. If you weren’t wondering, don’t worry about it. 😉

Why I Write Short Stories

I do solemnly promise that someday I will stop talking about ‘The Fantastic and the Wondrous’. But today is not that day.

What happens when you have a girl who wants to be a writer, but also has a job (or two), a couple other hobbies, a small attention span, and likes to sleep? She writes flash fiction of course.

I have been writing flash fiction and short stories for years now. Some of them are great, some of them are not so great. It was just easier on my little brain to deal with one small story at a time, instead of trying to plot out entire novels.

It may seem like the easy way out, I was tired and busy so I wrote a baby story. But here’s the thing, I still grew as a writer. By leaps and bounds in fact, all by writing short stories.

When you write a short story you are still writing a story with a beginning, middle, and end. You still have characters, plot, theme, motivations, POV’s, all the things that make up a full length novel. They are just all pint size!

The upside to the teeniness is that you gain experience writing the whole thing over and over and over again. Yes yes, in some ways short stories do work differently from novels. Especially when you look at it from a plotting stand point. But in many ways they are the same, both are stories after all.

So with every short story written I gained experience with writing. I learned what works and doesn’t work in dialogue, I learned when to put in descriptions (actually I’m still working on that one, but I’m getting there!), and how to create a decent ending.

All of which will come in handy when I get back to writing my poor, abandoned full length novels.

Not only did I gain experience, but I experimented with my stories. Mwhahaha! *cough* My poor characters….

With many of the stories, I tried new things. What would happen if I wrote from an omniscient POV? What if I made the MC the sidekick instead of the hero that saves the world? Hm, what if the hero lost the battle? Sometimes, the experiments went well, and those are the ones that you will be reading in my collection. Sometimes, they didn’t go quite so well…

But whether they worked out or not, I had learned something more about writing, and about my writing style. (I shouldn’t ever do omniscient, I fail miserably.)

I could have done the experiments within a full length novel, but it would have been thousands of words later that I figured this out, instead of hundreds. Or, if it failed, I would have to switch styles mid book. Been there, tried that, didn’t work so well.

With every short story I could try something new, or expand on a style that I had used before. The possibilities were endless, and I could go to bed on time! It’s a win win!

Hence why I had enough stories to fill a collection. And since I like my short stories better than my novels, why not put them out in the world for other people to read? Thus began the long journey towards publishing ‘The Fantastic and the Wondrous’. A journey that will come to its end in two days!! Oh glory me, have I done everything?

‘Scuze me, I need to check my to do list.

Shaina Merrick

Interruptions and Blurbs

Interrupting your regularly scheduled Saturday to bring you an important announcement. The Fantastic and the Wondrous is coming out in five days! Five days people! That is less than a week. I guess I don’t have time to hide underneath my bed anymore…..

Anyway! If you couldn’t guess. I am super excited! And super nervous! This is the first time that I will be letting people read my stories en masse. Sooooo. Yeah. The nerves may be a little high around here.

However, in honor that it is in five days, ya’ll get the blurb! You read it here first!

What if time travelers showed up at every major event?

What really happened between Winter and Summer?

What would happen if you knew the day you were going to die?

These are the questions, among many others, that are answered in The Fantastic and the Wondrous. The collection brings in stories from the genres of fantasy and science fiction. Veering between the dangerously dark and the laugh out loud funny, each story is unique. Some telling of star crossed lovers desperate to find each other, while others tell a tale full of danger and suspense. Each of the stories are linked by the fantastical. None of them could ever happen in our world.

Or so we think.

Does that look like something you would even be vaguely interested in reading? Or something that you just have to have? (here’s to hoping anyway.) It is something that I would be interested in reading! If it wasn’t written by me anyway.

Something they don’t tell you when you start writing is that if you stick with a project for a long time, you get bored. Or maybe that’s just me?

Basically, my stories should be grateful that they are given the chance to be read instead of being tossed. They really should.

And I will stop interrupting your Saturday. May the rest of it be blissful!

Shaina Merrick

Cover Reveal!

I’m so smart. Why else would I enlist my sister to do the hard work of creating a cover for me? Since I am so smart, it makes total sense that I would decide that the cover isn’t exactly what I wanted. So I do another one myself.

Yup, I’m smart.


That is actually the story behind the cover for The Fantastic and the Wondrous. In the beginning I begged my sister to create one for me because A) I have limited amount of time and B) I am terrified of all things formatting. Yay me.

The original cover, which I won’t show here because…. Reasons. Was cool, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was not quite what I wanted.

So after thinking this many times late at night when I was supposed to be sleeping, I decided to change it. Even though the reasons I listed above were still valid.

But you aren’t here to listen to me rant about all that. You want to see my book cover! (if you don’t, you can leave now I suppose.)


For being my first cover (wait, why did I just say that?) it’s not so bad! And for all the work it took (not so much, I just like to whine) I like it!

What do you guys think? Does it look like a cover that would catch your eye? Have you ever tried to make a book cover? (how do other people do it so well??) Let me know in the comments! 

Shaina Merrick

Writer to Author

I suppose it makes sense that I would be a writer. After all, I read stories, dream stories, critique stories. So why not create them too? Thus said my little brain many years ago, little knowing the consternation (read blood sweat and tears) it would cause in the years to come.

Guys, writing is HARD. Very hard. Especially if you are a perfectionist. Especially if you sit and agonize over the first sentence in your first draft because you are under the mistaken belief that it has to be perfect on the first try. If you were wondering, no it does not. That is what a first draft is for.

Now, I can sit here and complain about writing which if you have a writer friend you have probably heard it all before. (thanks for the patience mom) OR I can tell you the cool parts of writing.

Namely, being able to share it with other people.

Like this blog, or like publishing a book.

Yup, I’m publishing a book. And here I am acting all chill about it when really I am screaming inside!!!! I’m actually getting a book published!

On Amazon anyway, which means it will become part of the millions of other books trying to get noticed on there. Oh, my poor baby.

So! If you were one of the poor, *cough* I mean lucky people who read my old blog you have most likely heard of this. For months on end.

Well, the months before I publish have turned into weeks and I am realizing just how much I need to do before handing it over to readers.


But before I go back to doing all of that boring stuff, I am here to remind you all of the title and tell you what on earth this long talked of book is even about.

So here you go!

The Fantastic and the Wondrous.

Snazzy title if I do say so myself.

This book is not a novel, or even a novella. It is a collection of short stories. These short stories are all connected with the web of the fantastical. (hence the title) Fantasy, scifi, and mash up of both, all are found in my collection.

You will find time travelers, fairies, hero’s, and robots in these stories. Some of them are designed to make you laugh. Some to make you cry. (that’s the intent anyway, we’ll see if it actually works)

You will get to read all 12 of them on April 4th! The date I am releasing my hard work to the world.

Until then you will get to hear gobs about this book, all in the hope that you will throw your hands up and say “Fine! I’ll go buy it if only to stop you from pestering me!”

Its called marketing folks. Basically an excuse to bug people so that they will buy something.


Next up will be my cover reveal, so stay tuned for that!

If I disappear before April 4th you can say that cause of death was stress over publishing. All the writers will understand.

Here’s to not dying and getting a book published!

Shaina Merrick