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The Aliens Gift

Status: Writing First Draft


The beings from other planets have come. They have brought gifts. Power for the strong. Power that comes with a price. And that price is war.

In a world where the gifted can create anything with their minds it is easy to be fooled by what isn’t real. Yet dividing the truth from the lie is Teagans specialty. That is, until he meets Mickey, a girl who can construct whole worlds with her mind. Worlds that she lives in, ignoring the painful world outside. A world that is fractured into sides and loyalties. Humans against aliens, gifted against non-gifted, gifted against gifted. Teagan chose his side long ago. But how do you convince the girl who lives within the world of her own making that the world outside needs what she can give?


Status: In the midst of a major rewrite.


A night filled with fire and blood is the night where one dynasty ends, and another dynasty begins. Three years ago Terrence narrowly escaped the same death that claimed his parents. Now, trapped in the mountains with the men that have stayed loyal to the crown, he seeks a way to topple the usurper and reclaim his throne. Plans have been made, swords have been sharpened, and alliances are sought. But it all tumbles to the ground when a wide eyed girl steps into his camp.

The impossible becomes real as magic washes over her like a stream. Leaving her unharmed and the rest of the world upside down. Now more than ever Terrence’s goal seems within reach. But not even the wizard at his side realizes the sacrifices they will have to make to touch it.

The Fantastic and the Wondrous

Status: Finished!

You can find it on Amazon.


A collection of short stories. The stories range from fantasy to science fiction. From what is possible to the impossible. All connected by the thread of wonder of the world seen and unseen.

The Kings War

Status: Writing First Draft


The King has died. While the country mourns the loss of the greatest king they have ever known, his children plot.

Titus is not the oldest, but he firmly believes that he should be the next to sit on the throne. After all, the man who has the most knowledge should be the one to lead. His siblings think otherwise.

The war of Kings and Queens begins. A war of spies and intrigue. Of smiles and betrayal. Where you must guard your tongue lest it be parted from you.

All encouraged by a man sometimes there, and sometimes out of sight. A man the siblings trust, and man who will be their doom. 

The Race Against the Forest

Status: Writing First Draft. On Hold.


The last test. Two friends race against each other and the sun to become the Keeper of the secrets of their city. But when one stumbles into a trap, a woman that even the Keeper does not know of rescues him.

Now both friends are united in the search for the one who rescued the one, and captured the heart of the other. But what begins as a simple search quickly becomes more dangerous than either could have known as secrets long buried come to the surface, and long hidden evils stir in their prisons.

Hidden Monsters

Status: Just begun its first draft.

This is a collaboration story with my sister. I am in charge of one writing all the point of view for one character, and she is in charge of writing all the point of view of the other.


Instead of water dividing the continents from each other. There are forests. Forests that men dare not tread. Yet in the age of exploration one daring group decides to risk the danger in the name of science thinly veiled as curiosity.

Dragged along by her brother. Charlotte, or Lottie, is numbered in the expedition. This is not the plan she had for her summer. Instead of days filled with sketches and gardening she winds her way through the darkest of jungles. Hoping that none of the creatures think she looks like a tasty snack.

Yet her curiosity is roused by the man they hired to guide the expedition. A man who knows more about the forest than perhaps even he remembers.

Their expedition becomes a chase, with them numbered among the hunted, when they stumble on a secret that the forest has kept hidden, and is willing to do anything to keep it.

The Tale of the Mountain

Status: Planning Stage


Not totally sure yet. The vague idea floating around in my brain has yet to be pinned down. But I am super excited for this one! Elves, dragons, princesses, and legends, this one has it all!