About Me

Hey! Glad you could join me.

I started out my writing life as a lowly bookworm. Devouring books underneath the bed covers into the wee hours of the night. They could take me to far off worlds on heady adventures that ended when I turned the final page. I was the one kid lugging out as many books as her skinny arms could carry.

Those books led to daydreams, and those daydreams led to story writing. All I wanted to do was write down the stories I made up while I was in bed at night, or watering the garden. Around the time my other logic circuits kicked in I realized that I could make money writing stories.

I dabbled in writing for most of my high school years. I graduated with the fullest intent of writing more, but other things got in the way. Like jobs, and growing up. Life was more interesting than my story worlds.

Fast forward to now. Where I was still a writer sticking her toe in the world of authorship. It wasn’t where I wanted to be, but the idea of jumping all the way in terrified me. What if I wasn’t good enough? So I dabbled, and wrote here and there, and pretended I was going to be an author when really I hadn’t finished many novels.

It all came to a head during a writers conference, where I was challenged to look at writing as a true profession. This was something serious, was I in, or not? Writing is not easy. Publishing is not an easy road. If I wanted a something easy I needed to choose a different career.

So one evening I sat down with my journal, and I made a decision.

I am a writer.

My goal is to gift my stories of light overcoming darkness to the people around me.

This passion did not find me, I chose it, and I am ready to chase it down whatever path it takes me on.

Welcome to the journey!