About Me

Hey there! Glad you could join me in my little corner of the interwebs.

As many writers, I started as a lowly bookworm. Devouring books underneath the bed covers into the wee hours of the night. Then I grew up and decided that I liked sleeping better. I also realized that writing stories was not something just for authors. I could do it too. Thus began my life long love of story writing.

Not only do I adore reading the stories that have begun in someones imagination, but also the ones that truly happened. I am entranced with the stories of history. The ones that shaped who we are today.

Fueled by my love of all things story I have journeyed far into the odd world of writers. At times, it is a tiring journey. I wonder as I am sunk deep in a plot hole why I ever started on this quest in the first place. But then I stumble across the reason I began. I find another beautiful story.

My reason to write is not only because I enjoy creating worlds and characters and plots, though I do. It is not because I enjoy giving myself seemingly unsolvable story problems. Someday, I want to write stories that are beautiful. Stories that reveal the simply beauty of being here, of being alive. Most of all, stories that point to the beauty of my Savior.

The most beautiful story to ever exist is the one of Christ. How He came to earth to die for me, a sinner. Not because I had done anything, but because He loved me. My hope is that the stories I write will show even a part of that beautiful story.